Tuesday, November 30, 2010

motor Kawasaki - Kawasaki D'Tracker 250'V' - 2010

Motor : .Rp. 47 jt

Date : 23 November 2010

Kawasaki Kawasaki D'Tracker 250'V' 2010 Hitam Th 2010 BU: Dijual Kawasaki D'Tracker 250'V', thn 2010, kondisi mulus, baru dipakai 3 kali (200km) plat B. Hrg: 47,5jt. Hub 0818.0755.1666 (sihar). Hub. 081807551666 Kelengkapan : kaca spion,velg standard,velg racing,pors step racing,stang jepit,monoshock Kawasaki. tipe: Kawasaki D'Tracker 250'V'.model: Trike. note: Istimewa. tahun: 2010. harga: Rp.47.000.000,00 Harga Nego. nomor polisi: B. kota: Jakarta. warna body: Hitam. cc mesin: 250. bahan bakar: pertamax. rem depan: Cakram. rem belakang: cakram. kilometer: 200. nama: sihar. alamat: TMII Ja

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Kawasaki - Kawasaki D'Tracker 250'V '- 2010

Price : Rp. 47.00 mil.
Item : Motor : Kawasaki– 2010.
Seller :

Kawasaki Kawasaki D'Tracker 250'V '2010 Black Th 2010 BU: Sale Kawasaki D'Tracker 250'V', yr 2010, the smooth, worn only 3 times (200km) plate B. HRG: 19 5jt. Hub 0818.0755.1666 (Sihar). Hub. 081807551666 Completeness: rear view mirror, standard alloy wheels, racing wheels, racing pors step, handlebar clamp, monoshock Kawasaki. type: Kawasaki D'Tracker 250'V '. Model: Trike. note: Special. year: 2010. price: Rp.47.000.000, 00 Price Nego. police numbers: B. city: Jakarta. Body color: Black. cc engine: 250. Fuel: pertamax. front brake: Disc. rear brakes: disc. miles: 200. name: Sihar. address: TMII Ja

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Tips, before negotiating with sellers

  1. Before doing any contact to the seller, compare to other Kawasaki (ninja) ads that match your search criteria. Compare price, location, model, and year of manufacturing. Be sure that the motorcycle you're interested is the best suited you.
  2. Check the seller. Find out whether the seller is a trustworthy seller. Make sure that the ads you're interested in is not a scam.
  3. If your making an appointment, always at public space. Or at least pick a place that is accessible by many people. This will be safer for you.
  4. Check item's condition throughly. Watch carefully whether there's any mark or scratch from some sort of accident or collision.
  5. Validate item's paper to local authority. Kawasaki, especially Ninja model, is a very popular motorcycle. So there is possibility that the motor you're interested in is a stolen or perhaps a fake model.