Thursday, April 28, 2011

motor Kawasaki - NINJA - 2010

Motor : .Rp. 43 jt

Date : 20 April 2011

Kawasaki NINJA 2010 Hijau (Lime Green) Th 2010 Sorry gan mau nolongin adik ipar nih, adik ipar saya itu mau jual motor Kawasaki - Ninja 250 R. Tahun pembuatan 2009 (Pemakaian 2010), surat-surat lengkap (sdh dicabut bendelnya) dan tinggal balik nama di surabaya. Warna Hijau muda (Lime Green). Kilometer - nya masih +/- 1000 km (ngga bohong) Barangnya masih orisinil semua. Khusus Penggemar / pemakai yang serius. Lokasi barang di Mungsing (Surabaya - Utara). Hub. 083854290328 Kelengkapan : Kawasaki. tipe: NINJA. model: Motor Laki. note: Full Variasi. tahun: 2010. harga: Rp.43.000.000,0

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Kawasaki - NINJA - 2010

Price : Rp. 43.00 mil.
Item : Motor : Kawasaki– 2010.
Seller :

Kawasaki NINJA 2010 Green (Lime Green) Th 2010 Sorry gan ya want nolongin brother-in-law, sister-in-law was willing to sell my Kawasaki - Ninja 250 R. Year of manufacture 2009 (Use 2010), a complete letters (sdh revoked bendelnya) and stay behind the name in surabaya. Young Green (Lime Green). Kilometers - it still + / - 1000 km (guns lie) It 's still all original. Special fans / users serious. The location of goods in Mungsing (Surabaya - North). Hub. 083854290328 Completeness: Kawasaki. type: NINJA. Model: Motor Laki. note: Full Variations. year: 2010. price: Rp.43.000.000, 0

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Tips, before negotiating with sellers

  1. Before doing any contact to the seller, compare to other Kawasaki (ninja) ads that match your search criteria. Compare price, location, model, and year of manufacturing. Be sure that the motorcycle you're interested is the best suited you.
  2. Check the seller. Find out whether the seller is a trustworthy seller. Make sure that the ads you're interested in is not a scam.
  3. If your making an appointment, always at public space. Or at least pick a place that is accessible by many people. This will be safer for you.
  4. Check item's condition throughly. Watch carefully whether there's any mark or scratch from some sort of accident or collision.
  5. Validate item's paper to local authority. Kawasaki, especially Ninja model, is a very popular motorcycle. So there is possibility that the motor you're interested in is a stolen or perhaps a fake model.